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  1. What does the cost of the tour include?

  • Transfer from your hotel/place (downtown) to the wine region

  • English/german/italian speaking tour guide

  • Learning the history of Hungary and the wine region

  • Tasting of 12 different wines with snacks, on the last stop warm dish

  • Transfer back to your hotel/place

  • All local taxes

2. What exactly does a private, personalized tour mean?

  • It means than you will be the only guest on the tour. 

  • But of course 2-person tours are also available, these are the most popular.

  • But we can even handle larger groups, up to 65 people.

3. When will I be charged for the tour?

  • You can pay via bank transfer in advance or credit card in advance after you booked a tour or program. 
    Of course we send invoice to you about this. 

4. I would like to cancel my reservation. Can I get back all or part of my money? Please tell me your cancellation policy. 

  • Yes, you can. 
    Cancellation policy: 
    - More than 1 week before the start of the program: 0% cancellation fee
    - 1 week before the start of the program: 100% cancellation fee

5. Do I need to purchase medical insurance? What are your COVID-19 rules? 

  • You do not need special health insurance, but as with any trip, it is recommended that you have travel insurance.

  • Due to the spread of the Coronavirus, we have taken serious measures.

  • All of our guides have been vaccinated against Covid-19.

  • Every car is disinfected every day with an ozone generator.

  • All our cars have antibacterial wipes in the passenger compartment.

  • Upon request, we can also provide an unopened mask to our client.

  • We monitor the condition of all our colleagues on an ongoing basis, and should they/we notice any symptoms, they need to stay home immediately. Fortunately, there was no precedent for this. 

  • Please bring your Covid immunity certificate with you.

6. How old do I have to be to join a tour?

  • You can join the tour even if you’re a child, of course with adult company. 

  • No problem, because the wineries not serve alcohol for you. 

  • In Hungary, alcoholic beverages can only be consumed over the age of 18.

7. What is the dress code?

  • There is no dress code, but be prepared that in the cellars may be cold.
    We want you to feel as comfortable as possible, but as an overall guideline smart/casual is the theme to our visits. 

8. What do I need to bring on my tour?

  • Clothing and personal items, for example comfortable shoes, pullover, Covid immunity certificate and your good mood. :)

9. What language(s) are your tours offered in?

  • Our tours are available in English.

  • Unsere Touren sind in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

  • I nostri tour sono disponibili in italiano.

10. Maximum how many people are on a tour? 

  • These are private tours, there will be no strangers here. Only you or your friends, company, or your family as you ordered.

11. How many wines will I taste?

  • You will be able to taste 12 fantastic wines, which are the best in Hungary.

12. Can I participate in the tours without tasting the wine?

  • Of course, you can. The wine tour is not only recommended for those who love wine. 
    But also for those who want to get to know the history of Hungary a bit, to see the differences between the regions and to get to know the beauties of rural life, the real hospitality of the locals.

13. Will perfume/cologne affect my wine tasting experience?

  • Yes, heavily scented perfumes, skin products, and shampoos can affect your ability to enjoy the special wines you are tasting. Please also bare in mind that excessive scents can also impact the tasting enjoyment of your tour companions. We therefore kindly ask that applications of perfumes be kept to a minimum.

14. Can I purchase wines at any of the wineries we visit?

  • Yes, you have the opportunity to purchase wines from the area.

15. What arrangements can be made to ship my purchased wine back home?

  • Some wineries or retailers are able to arrange this for you depending on where you live. 

16. I have food allergies. What do I need to do?

  • Please inform us all about your food or other allergies, intolerances when book the tour.

17. Do I need to tip anyone at the end of the tour?

  • No. Gratuities are entirely up to the individual you, but you are in no way obligated to contribute gratuities for your tour.

18. What kind of car will we travel with?

  • It depends on the number of participants. Can be a sedan, minivan, midibus or full-size coach.

19. Where does my tour end?

  • The participation fee includes that we pick up at your hotel or place and at the end of the tour we take you back to your place as well.

20. Where will you pick me up?

  • At your hotel or apartment within Budapest or at one of the following designated meeting points: 

  • In front of the Hotel Gellért (Buda side) 

  • In front of the Hotel Korona (Pest side)

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