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Learn about the Hungarian food culture from a local 

Spicy, rich and an extravaganza of different flavors, Hungary’s cuisine is a delicious and surprising discovery for many travellers to the country. Developed over thousands of years of Hungarian history, traditional dishes continue to be part of a proud and abundant cultural heritage. 

Learn how to cook Hungarian dishes with the help of a local at a hand-on cooking class in Budapest or in rural.

Master the basics of the national cuisine.

Hear about the ingredients traditionally used in Hungarian cooking, including the use of spices such as paprika.

Try out some of the best cooking practices to treat your friends and family to a fantastic dinner in your own home. 

Taste world-famous Hungarian wines and spirits, along with the best flavors of Hungarian gastronomy as you prepare courses to enjoy a lunch of your own creations.

Discover how to cook and prepare a traditional Hungarian meal

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